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Personalizing your NetTeller takes only four easy steps:

1 Start Customizing
2 Configure Your Columns
3 Setup Your Widgets
4 Using Your Widgets

1. Start Customizing

A. Login to NetTeller

Once you're logged into NetTeller you'll see a tab labeled "My NetTeller" in the upper left corner. Click this tab to begin customizing your online banking experience.

B. Set As Start Page

In the upper left corner is an option that says "Set As Start Page." Clicking this box will make the My NetTeller page your homepage, every time you visit the NetTeller site.

C. Configure This Page

Next to the "Set As Start Page" option is "Configure This Page."

Click on "Configure This Page."

2. Configure Your Columns

A. Light box

Clicking on "Configure This Page" will bring up a light box that allows you to turn on and off widgets (an onscreen tool) for any of the page's three columns.

The light box will open on the same page and can be closed at any time. It looks like this:

B. Columns

Next to "Select Column to Configure:" is a drop-down menu with the choices:
  • Left Column
  • Center Column
  • Right Column

Select the column you want to make changes to. Each column has a different set of widgets available for it:


  • Alerts
  • Current Balances
  • Download
  • GoTo
  • Messages
  • Center

  • My Accounts
  • Recent Transactions
  • Recent Statements
  • Right

  • Welcome
  • Did You Know

  • 3. Setup Your Widgets

    A. Add and Remove Widgets

    To add a widget to your page, simply click on the Plus (+), or drag it to the "Items Selected" column.

    To remove a widget, hit the Minus (-) or drag it back to the right-hand column of the light box.

    B. Select All

    If you choose to add all the widgets at once to your page, select "Add All." And if you want to remove all widgets, hit "Remove All."

    C. Arranging Your Widgets

    You also have the ability to choose the order in which the widgets appear on the page by moving (dragging and dropping) the options up or down within the list.

    D. Saving Changes

    Once you have made all your changes, select "Save" and your page will update.

    4. Using Your Widgets

    A. Using the Icons

    Red X

    Any widget that has been added to your page can be deleted by simply hitting this X icon.

    Green Arrow

    Clicking on this icon will take you to a page with more information related to the widget.

    For example, if you choose the arrow icon by the Message widget, it will take you to the main Message page.

    Blue Gear

    Choose this icon if you would like to customize the widget. For example, if you would like to only see specific accounts or have the accounts appear in a particular order, using this icon would allow you to make those changes.

    B. Give Feedback!

    We are always working to make Online Banking easier for you.

    That is why we are continuously adding more widgets.

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