VISA® Debit Cards: Beyond Cash and Checks

Make Your Checking Account Even More Convenient

How? With a Visa® Debit Card, you can access your checking funds at an ATM or by
making purchases at any merchant that honors credit cards - without ever having to write a check.

Perhaps you're the type of person who likes to "pay as you go" rather than "pay later." If so, a Visa® Debit Card is for you. When you use your Visa® Debit Card, your money is deducted from your checking account. Unlike using a credit card, Visa® Debit Cards have no big bills at the end of the month, no interest charges and no late charges. That's because you pay immediately with your money, the money residing safely in your checking account. It is a quick and convenient transaction between you, the merchant and your personal bank account.

And a Visa® Debit Card provides several distinct advantages over a credit card:

  • Obtaining a Visa® Debit Card is easier than getting a credit card.
  • With a Visa® Debit Card in your wallet, you don't have to carry a checkbook or large amounts of cash.
  • Using a Visa® Debit Card doesn't require you to show identification or give out personal information, which are usually required when you write a check.
  • Visa® Debit Card are more readily accepted than checks, especially in other states or countries.
  • Use a Visa® Debit Card at an ATM when you need cash. Whether you're across town, across the country or across the ocean, it's quick and convenient-especially when you're traveling.
  • ATM locations, click here. For a list of our ATM locations, click here.
  • You receive a detailed description of every card purchase and cash withdrawal from an ATM on your monthly checking statement for easy record keeping.

Visa® Debit Card - the convenience of a checking account without having to write checks! Apply today!

Mountain West Bank Visa®
Fraud Protection Text Alerts
Debit Card Guard (formerly SMS Guardian™)

Debit Card Guard is an anti-fraud service that sends text alerts to your mobile phone or other enabled device. When certain types of transactions take place, this added layer of security alerts you to possible fraudulent use of your card.

If you receive a text about a transaction you think is fraudulent, you can reply immediately and your card will be blocked from all further activity. The text alert will also describe how to respond in order to stop the current transaction right from your mobile device.

How it works:

This free service will send you a text alert for your enrolled Mountain West Bank Visa® debit or ATM cards if any of the following events/transactions occur:

  • Authorizations over $500 - text message will be sent if an authorization over $500 occurs.
  • Five or more authorization sin 24 hours - text message will be sent if five (5) or more approved authorizations take place within a 24 - hour time period.
  • Card not Present - text message will be sent for an authorization done via Internet, phone, or other instances where you are not physically present for approval of your card transaction
  • Declined Authorizations - text message will be sent for all declined authorizations.

Here's an example of an alert:

Guardian Alert on card 1234 at XYZ Store for $500.00. Reply A1234NO if unauthorized. Reply STOP to cancel alerts.

If you receive this message and the purchase is legitimate, do nothing. If the purchase is fraud, reply "A1234NO" and your card will be blocked. This service can be cancelled anytime by replying with the message "STOP". *

  • Enrollment enables the service for one year.
  • Prior to expiration, you will be notified and will be able to text a reply to renew.
  • Changing mobile service providers may require you to re-enroll your mobile device.
  • The cell phone or mobile device must have the ability to send and receive text messages and the use of "short codes" must not be blocked.
  • You are responsible for any text messaging fees from your phone or tablet service carrier. Message and data rates may apply.

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