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Travis Mire

Travis Mire
Mortgage Loan Originator
NMLS #1021365
Phone:  208-415-5505
Cell:  208-290-6607
Fax:  208-265-8038  
Travis Mire feels that Mountain West Bank allows him the opportunity to work with individuals who have had a great influence in his life. As a lender, he is able to help his customers with their financial needs, offering them a sense of confidence during the mortgage process. He offers good, old fashioned integrity in his customer interactions, knowing that reputation is everything in a small town. Travis has worked hard to establish a solid foundation in Sandpoint and will strive to provide legendary service. His goal is to provide each customer with a problem free home financing experience, and to build long lasting relationships with those he serves 
"Travis Mire is a true professional. He is exceptionally knowledgeable about the mortgage industry, helpful and conscientious. He was great about keeping both the client, and me, the home buyer's real estate agent, informed throughout the entire lending process. We had a complicated situation relating to the property being purchased, which necessitated Travis put a lot of extra time and effort into getting the home buyer to the finish line. As the lender's representative, he provided the clients with a sense of assurance that they were in very good hands. Thank you, Travis, for your kindness and expertise."
- December 2019
"Loan agent, Travis Mire, was terrific! Great communication skills, easily accessible and friendly. I would highly recommend his services to anyone."
- November 2019
"Travis Mire is always great to work with - thank you!!"- October 2019 "Travis Mire is excellent."
-September 2019
"Travis Mire is an exceptional businessman. He is attentive, caring and knowledgeable. We enjoyed both of our transactions with him."
-August 2019
"Travis Mire was very professional yet comfortable in our transactions."
-May 2019
"Travis Mire was great! Very helpful, knowledgeable, and responsive."
-February 2019
"Travis did an excellent job due to his knowledge, professionalism and extraordinary people skills."
-November 2018
"Travis Mire did a great job communicating and keeping me informed throughout the process.I would recommend him!"
-October 2018